A Dedication to Quality

At Atom-Jet Industries our quality team inspects all products manufactured in our plant. Every step from receipt of materials, through to the finished products, is closely monitored to ensure that our customers are getting exactly what they ordered, when they need it.

Atom-Jet is ISO9001:2015 certified, and committed to continuous improvement, ensuring our products meet our customers specifications.

​Our team uses a combination of the following tests to meet the requirements of the customer:

In-Run Optical Test

While parts are on the production line, our qualified brazing team inspects each part while brazing to ensure proper flow of braze material is seen around the entire braze joint.

Destructive Testing

By applying a load to the carbide face with a small hydraulic press to the point of breaking, we can assess the quality of the braze joint adhesion based on the carbide break pattern.

Sectioned Optical Testing

Based on the brazing standards posted by the American Welding Society, any braze joint with greater than 20% void content across the length of the joint is classed as a failure. By sectioning several test pieces per run, we observe the internal joint manually as well as performing pixel measurements on the joints to ensure that all brazes meet this criterion.

Third-Party Testing

If our customers require additional testing, we work with third-party testing company to measure the shear strength of our bond joints. With our in-house machine shop, we are set up to build custom jigging for any testing types.

The exceptional products and services that Atom-Jet provides is the results of the pride the Quality team takes in challenging our committed staff to meet the highest standards. This ultimately has been the strength and foundation of being a pace setter within the industries we operate in. This commitment is evidenced by being in business for over half a century.

Adeola Igbalajobi M.Sc., PMP, P.Eng.

Quality Manager